Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 4

So Assignment 4 is to explore Goodreads. If anyone wants to see my profile or friend me, you can find me here. My husband and I had spent a day or two a few years ago trying to log all of our books into Goodreads in the hopes that we could keep track somewhat of our books, but I haven't really touched it much since except to enter some giveaways (which is always fun). Poking around it a bit now, I can see that I should probably  be using it more often than I do. This would give me a chance to find new things to read, or have a better sense of read-alikes. I'm interested in seeing what other people are reading or recommending and will hopefully make a few recommendations later in the week.


  1. I too have lapsed pretty deeply in my GoodReads use, Rebecca! Still, the most handy feature I find is the barcode scanner feature on their app. I use it to quickly scan books in the branches and add them to my to-read shelf.

    1. Yup, that's how my husband and I spent our few days adding all our books on there. We both just went through our shelves scanning books :)