Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 6

Assignment 1:
I chose Tor-Fiction Affliction to follow. I just spent a few minutes skimming their May picks for SciFi, Fantasy, and "Genre Benders". There are a few titles among the different categrories that seem interesting including The Fireman by Joe Hill. I guess the "genere benders" hold more appeal to me than the straight up SciFi or Fantasy.

Assignment 2:
Explore the Prezi Link. This was really interesting. I think the romance subgeneres are lacking a bit, but then if they stuck every single tiny subgenre of things it would be even more complex. I'm least familiar with Urban Fiction which I think is more of a reflection of my religion and upbgringing. In the same vein I'd be interested to find a non-Jewish African American person who read a lot of Jewishly related fiction (YidLit?).

Assignment 3:
3 subgeneres I'm unfamiliar with: Borough Warfare (Urban Fiction), Disaster (Adventure), and Pioneer Families (Western).

List three authors or titles that are associated with or typify each of these 3 subgenres.  What are the hallmarks or appeal factors of each of the subgenres?

Borough Warfare: 1)Little Ghetto Girl by Danielle Santiago. Story about a girl trying to get out of the life of illegal activities, but falls in love with a man who is deeply entrenched in it.
2) Diary of a Street Diva by Ashley Antionette. A woman falls in love with a man who appears to be a music producer, but is actually deep in the drug world.
3) Married to the Game by Chunichi Knott. A story of two girls who get into the drug game in order to get revenge after she endures tradgedy.

Disaster: 1) Eruption by Harry Turtledove. The world must rebuild following a supervolcanic eruption at Yellowstone Park.
2) Quake by Jack Douglas. NYC is hit by a huge earthquake and the people fight for survival while trying to reunitie with familes and loved ones.
3) The Tsunami Countdown by Boyd Morrison. A man realizes he has one hour to save millions of people from a horrific natural disaster.

Pioneer Families: 1)The Warriors Path by Louis L'Amour. Yance and Kin Sackett race to save Diana. One brother must to the West Indies and using all of his knowledge as frontiersman to save her.
2)...........(I just realized I have no idea what other books would fall under this category, and I'm just going to move on....)

Mashups of subgenres, e.g. steampunk westerns, are becoming increasingly popular.  Find two titles, not shown on the flowchart, which could cross over into another subgenre. Describe your rationale.

....And I'm at a loss for this. Hopefully some of my colleagues came up with things and I can get a better sense of what's out there.

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