Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 1 Assignments

Well, after panicking that several other participants had started ahead of me, I found where I needed to start. I thought it was going to be emailed, I would have hated to be the only person falling behind.

Assignment 1: Well, I am a little ashamed to admit I only got 12 out of 24 correct on the Adult books quiz. I think it might be because I enjoy reading Young Adult fiction a lot of the time, and so I haven't read as much adult fiction as I probably should. For the children's books though, I fared a bit better. I got 16 out of 20 correct. I've never even heard of The Napping House.

Assignment 2: I got most of these, though the thriller ones seem to trip me up. I wasn't entirely sure what a "techno" thriller is.

Assignment 3: These are some great tips. There was once a time I was keeping track of books I was reading along with a little summary. I still have that notebook, perhaps I should pull it back out.

Assignment 4: I'm going to go with the NPR blog for my book blog. I'm hoping it will open my eyes to more literature. As for the genre choice, I'm going to go with's Fiction Affliction.

Assignment 5: I wonder what would have happened if you gave the same kid different covers for one book? Kids are so imaginative.


  1. For assignment 5, this should definitely be an experiment we do in our libraries. It would be interesting to see what other kids think the books are going to be about :)

    1. That actually would probably be really fun. I'd love to see what the responses were.